Simple, chocolate-y, banana iced lollies

imageThis makes a lovely chilled chocolate pudding, or frozen ice cream or iced lolly.

You could add (or substitute) other superfoods, such as lucuma powder, maca root powder, hemp protein powder or cacao, but I wanted a quick chocolate-y pudding recipe for kids at the time.

Ingredients :

5 (very) ripe bananas

2 ripe avocados

2 tall glasses of hemp or other vegan milk

Still water or ice cubes to consistency

1 cup of carob powder or cacao


  1. Blend all together in high-speed blender
  2. Pour into ice lolly moulds and allow 6 or more hours, to freeze OR
  3. Pour into pot to refrigerate OR
  4. Eat as is :-)







I'm a Yoga teacher and mother to 8 year old twins, with an interest in health, wellness and movement. In addition to articles on here, my work can be found by searching on Elephant Journal for my name, which will bring up recipes and mindful living articles. Thanks for reading :-)

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