RTTS 100km: Running to help & raise funds to send Alex to Disneyland

Hi all,

I am hoping to put my silly habit of relentless running to some good use by participating in Race to the Stones 2016 on 16th Jul (100km) to raise money for Alex and his family, who live next door to my sister.

Alexander Goodwin is a nine year old boy who loves sharks, dinosaurs and anything to do with nature.

On 8th June the family had some terrible news that Alex had been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma of his right femur. 

alexEwing Sarcoma is a rare type of bone cancer that affects children. FAlexewer than 30 children in the UK develop Ewing’s Sarcoma each year. 

Alex has had weeks of scans and tests and now faces chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. The surgery will attempt to remove the tumour but the sad truth is that it is not uncommon for it to be necessary to remove the whole limb or part of it. 

Alex has got some really tough times ahead. Some practical adjustments need to take place to make life easier for Alex and the Doctors have said that it is really important that he has something positive to look forward
to as this will help his recovery. 

Alex has many things he likes and wants to do and he needs extra support at home to get around. 

However Alex’s biggest dream is to go to Disney land and Universal studios and this page is about raising money for him and his family to help with practical adjustments and send him on his dream holiday. 

His Dad, a policeman, and his Mum, who has had to finish working to care for him full time, need help.

His 3 year old sister is suffering too: she knows things aren’t right and misses playing with her brother. Alex & Sophia

Now, I know y’all have probably seen a fundraising run on your feed before, but have you seen a person who religiously never broke a sweat before the age of 19 attempting to run 100km of non-stop trail?  

I’m not an athlete, I ‘m definitely not even a very good runner and I don’t usually run for sponsorship.

The more sponsorship I can raise for Alex’s cause the more I will feel the push to the finish line.  I know Alex and his family are really touched by the outpouring of kindness and support, that positivity alone is helping at a difficult time for them all.

Thank you :)  Please consider sharing this post or the below links.

Also, you can also follow along on live tracking: My Race Number is 784




P.S.  To ensure transparency Alex’s Dad has two trusted individuals double checking that all monies are used as they should be.

Hannah XxXx



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