Super Simple Salad Dressing

grated-beetroot-and-carrot-salad1I think that part of the appeal of tomato ketchup is the combination of vinegar and sweetness… After all, so many people like it who don’t even like tomatoes.  You could maybe try combining blended tomatoes with the below dressing, but we like it just as it is :)

I love the following raw dressing, on everything!  My daughter often asks for ‘just dressing’!   But I give it to her to dip a sweet or white potato into, better for her and tastier than chips and ketchup ;)

I would serve it on a grated salad of carrots, beetroots, turnip, turnip greens (the leaves) and cabbage.  Or any lettuce salad served with Enchiladas.

You will need:

A mug sized jar/ pot with a lid

A sharp knife

A lemon squeezer

Half a lemon lemon

1 cup approx of organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother)

A pinch of Himalayan pink salt (fine)

1 tsp-1 tbsp Agave Nectar

Up to 1 cup Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil

Mustard seeds (preferably brown organic ones) Mustard also fine, or omit if you don’t like

  • Firstly, squeeze your lemon (kids love doing this)
  • I use 1 cup of apple cider vinegar, you can use less.  I loove Apple cider vinegar, it is alkalizing and helps prevent candida, so I see it as a healthy version of cider!   You can also mix it with fizzy or still water for a cider-like drink ;)
  • I add a tiny bit of salt, 1-2 pinches, of course you can add more
  • If I am making the dressing for children, I add about 1 cup of oil (so that is 1:1 oil) I prefer more like 1 tbsp for myself.
  • Again, I use 1 tsp of agave for myself, but a tbsp for the children
  • I add quite a lot of mustard seeds, 1 tbsp for myself or 1 tsp for the kids


Combine all the ingredients in the jar, add the lid, shake, taste and adjust the flavours accordingly, deelicious :)


I'm a Yoga teacher and mother to 8 year old twins, with an interest in health, wellness and movement. In addition to articles on here, my work can be found by searching on Elephant Journal for my name, which will bring up recipes and mindful living articles. Thanks for reading :-)

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