Vegan Superfood Porridge

imagesThis is a winter-warmer recipe for breakfast.  Oats are a good source of B vitamins and help combat winter blues.

Hemp is a good source of omega-3s for vegans, and hemp milk a great alternative to dairy as is the only vegan milk I have found that can be used in tea or coffee (without curdling).

  • I soak organic porridge oats in filtered water the night before.  This makes the texture creamier.
  • I use hemp milk, which I heat, the drain, rinse and add the oats.
  • I add a teaspoon and a half of ground, sprouted flax powder and a sprinkling of hemp seeds (after porridge has slightly cooled).
  • I then add either chopped strawberries, blueberries or banana.
  • I sometimes refrigerate leftovers and serve after school with some yoghurt.
  • Sprinkled dried fruit or carob powder (or cacao) for a treat :)



I'm a Yoga teacher and mother to 8 year old twins, with an interest in health, wellness and movement. In addition to articles on here, my work can be found by searching on Elephant Journal for my name, which will bring up recipes and mindful living articles. Thanks for reading :-)

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