Beetroot Risotto

When I lived in Malta I used whatever greens were seasonal there…

The basic (and best) version I have found is spinach and beetroot …

Beetroot Risotto

Peel and cube the beetroot – quite small cubes. (about 400g for a good 3-4 portions)

Get a pan on med/high with oil/butter – not sure how your diet fits in with oils etc, but it is necessary.

Add some garlic and finely chopped onion (I used celery rather than onion). Let this sweat off for a couple of mins and add the beetroot.

Add a teaspoon of paprika and half teaspoon of cinnamon.

Let the celery/onion etc sweat off properly and then add the risotto rice – I usually use about half a pack as I make extra for lunches etc.

Let the rice soak in the flavours and oils.

Add a splash of wine if you have it and let it cook the alcohol off.

Then add a ladle of stock – I used vege stock.

Slowly, keep adding stock as required until the rice is cooked.


With 3 or so minutes to go, add a big bunch of spinach to the mix and gently fold it in. This will wilt down in no time.


Thats it. I also add a little grated parmesan or cheese with a few minutes to go as it gives it creamier texture.


Also, when done, take off heat and leave it for 5 minutes – in this time if you have cold, unsalted butter, add a few small cubes to it and stir through off the heat – as the risotto continues to cook even off heat so butter cools it down and adds to the texture.




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